This design project is aiming to establish an art-related, green connecting market-hall within Anderston to tackle the problems of 1) lack of greeneries/ art aspect/ cultural promotion, and 2) the shortage and fragile commercial aspect within the neighbour, in order to convenient the residents and thus to vitalise and boost the energy within the area. 

To achieve this, the chosen site is located in the central spot of Anderston and will work as a central hub, which connects all the greeneries from the surroundings, urban farms and green wall facades are designed in order to enhance the continuity and sustainability within Anderston.

Despite the outdoor urban farms and greenhouse, the building itself included spaces for the market, F&B, galleries, creative workshops and a co-working study room. Each of the spaces is designed to nurture and to embrace the local art of making. Both residents and tourists are to come to the site and enjoy and experience the idea and process of art marking and socialising within the green. 

To appreciate the idea of sustainable development and to care about the site and surroundings, the building is completely self-sufficiently operated, from energy consumption to economic activities. Products and goods from the market are to be produced from the urban farm and creative workshops. 

Here are a few highlights of the project: