My Library Project

This year we had to design a library in the beautiful city of St. Andrew. We were offered a choice of 3 different sites. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, we could not visit this city and study each of the sites. This made our task more difficult.

 For my project, I chose a site on one of the central streets, Market Street. I found this site more interesting than others, because it is a place where there are many different shops and cafes, cars are passing by, it is noisy here, but most importantly, there is no greenery here.

And creating a sustainable space was one of the main tasks. The building had to be environmentally friendly and cost effective. It also had to blend harmoniously with the surroundings of existing buildings.

I wanted to make a library surrounded by trees, flower beds, to add a little nature to the city.

I decided to make the library building in the form of books on a shelf. Books can be of different thicknesses and heights. Therefore, I visually divided the library into several parts that resemble books.