Architectural Design Studies Year 2

'To Gather' Semester 1

I arrived at the University of Strathclyde after completing and NC in Built Environment and then and HND in Architectural Technology.  I have gradually learned to be more creative and remove some of the more technical aspects involved in creating a beautiful and function building. I am have also learned to appreciate the design process as a platform to incorporate all previous knowledge gained from college.


Set in the Historic Environment of St Andrews, which has a very well established architectural history and vernacular, I was tasked with producing work that is of benefit to the town.  It was challenging due to its conservation status meaning materials, construction method, elemental design and functionality were key to the success of these projects.  

I chose to do pretty complex and challenging designs with regards to geometry in both projects. This pushed me to my limits and beyond and can now reflect and say I have achieved more than I expected to be able to. 

First project is my Bath House as part of a conversion of the existing Sailing Club.  Aimed to provide St Andrews' buzzing beach life a place to relax and recuperate after a morning swim in 'Andy's Bathhouse'.  Accessible to all, with one level to move around the public realm with access directly from the Fife Coastal Path and the main town.