The Two-Sided City

To Engage

The work I have chosen to display is from our final project and is the work I am most proud of from this year. Developing my skills throughout the year has been such a rewarding experience, seeing my own and my peer progress from project to project and how far I have come in only just my first year. I am looking forward to progressing furthermore in my future years, tackling more briefs, and hopefully getting into the building to experience the university’s studio environment and everything it has to offer.

This final project (A Gallery in the City) gave me a lot to think about and really pushed me to think not just about the building itself but its purpose, how it belongs in its site and what it brings to the community. Exploring these ideas taught me how complex architecture is and how it can affect both its site and the people who live there. As well as this ideas of flow and movement around the building where a huge part of this project and something I greatly focussed on. My particular site was in Partick, a more deprived part of the City of Glasgow, therefore I explored this idea of a “two-sided city”; and how I could bring life back to a side of the city like Partick.