A Certain City of Bats

Reuniting the Disconnected

On planet Earth, we humans share the planet with a variety of living organisms in the ever struggling quest for survival and propagation of the species. Like a gear ticking in the complex mechanism behind a wristwatch, every living organism plays a certain role and multiple interdependencies are formed through this reliance on each other in conjunction with other non living components found in the natural world to form stability, this is what we call as an ecosystem.Now with contemporary civilization, resources found on our planet are overexploited and overfarmed in an unsustainable fashion. Untouched land are cleared of trees to make way for our cities and agricultural fields, this is akin to evicting the original residents of the land, the flora and fauna in order to fulfill our own personal needs. The climate is slowly changing as a result of years and years of continuous and uncontrolled urban growth and this spells a dreadful future for all future living beings on this planet. What happen to sharing it with the other living beings as we have done in the past? What happen to the unspoken mutual agreement on relying on each other to benefit all parties?


With a focus on the city of Glasgow, and also in particular the native bat species. “A certain city of Bats” entails the installation of interventions which aims to change the human perception of the notion of bats as unwanted pests and spooky creatures of the night. To reconnect a long lost mutualistic connection where animals are given habitats to occupy in exchange for increased economical benefits, increased biodiversity and creating a unique sense of pride among the locals. Urban farming will be a main focus through the harvesting of bat guano as the main fertilizer source in order to provide a local and sustainable supply of food to the local community. Education on the bats is essential to bring awareness to the declining population of bats, on what causes it and what we can do to further protect this unseen hero who does more for the whole ecosystem than meets the eye. For the overall biodiversity to flourish, bats are the key.