My interest in design began early, stemming from an artistic background. I grew up moving from country to country most of my life and fine art became a way to express myself even if I did not speak the language. Although I did develop my skills in Abstract Expressionism, I wanted to dedicate my career to an industry that would be able to influence at a larger scale. This eventually led me to Architecture. 

When I grauduated high school in Germany, I wanted to continue exploring as many cultures as possible and so landed on doing my degree in the UK. Strathclyde in particular appealed as it taught the more practical side of architecture as well as the conceptual. After 5 years, including a Part 1 completed in Italy, I have just completed a BSc in Architectural Studies with First Class Honours. 

This year my work focused on Education and Gathering, responding to the needs of Laurieston's people. The community there, although long standing, has gone through major change very frequently. It needs a space to gather and rebuild the connections of the past. An education hub could provide something for all ages while integrating gathering spaces. 

The old railyway arches, which seperate the Gorbals and Laurieston but seem to be mostly abandoned seemed to be an excellent gathering and commercial space. The new Education Hub could then leverage this existing landmark. In order to integrate as much as possible, my concept steps up and over the arches, allowing visitors to 'climb' the building to the refurbished space above. A new tram line would connect the Hub to the rest of the City, providing a new gateway into the community. The landscaping, including the amphitheater, was designed to encourage activity and interaction with the building. Each block decreases in privacy as it steps down with the ground floor spaces entirely dedicated to the public. The materiality, internal and external was especially important as it created a strong haptic environment as well as bringing a sense of human scale to a large building.

I used this project to develop my conceptual and detailing skills. My Part 1 taught me new workflows and graphical styles which I was able to futher develop and integrate into this project. It allowed me to explore more software; including learning to make algorithms to design the facade. The 'Small' project allowed me to explore micro environments within each other, and so special attention was paid to the material, views and sound.