The Mental Wellness Village

The Mental Wellness Village focuses on alleviating issues of anxiety and depression from the mental health inequalities present in deprived communities like Dalmarnock through series of spaces under the categories Contemplating, Exercise, Supporting and Nurturing. A cluster of spaces each defined and independent but linked with one another to form a community, encouraging health and wellness. Establishing a contextual relationship with other buildings of health within the community, a trinity of care and wellbeing is formed for the residents as well as the wider public of Glasgow.

Taking elements of biophilic design - the visual connection to nature, natural light, ventilation and materials create a more productive and healthy environment for people to be cared in without the feeling of being in a medical establishment. The design offers a workshop space to engage with local schools and the public to actively discuss about mental health and wellbeing issues to inform and detach the stigma against mental illnesses. Furthermore, social spaces for the community and in-house specialist support services aim to provide a place of safety and resource.

A sensorial experience is introduced in the The Water Garden as part of the contemplation and meditation practice. The journey aims to evoke a feeling of tranquility and profound calmness through the benefits of being around water. A series of biodiverse lightwells throughout the building wash the adjacent spaces with natural light, softened by the bamboo and rich greenery creating an ambient atmosphere ideal for deep thought and relaxation.