To care - Community Library

The first semester in the University of Strathclyde gave me an opportunity to study Glasgow and understand the needs of its community at both micro and macro level. The Design study project dealt with a thorough research of various historic, social, political and physical of the communities in Glasgow. The aim of my design project was to study the community of Anderston with a main objective to offer a variety of programmatic objectives whilst sharing a common goal: To Care, for each other; for those within them and for the Community around them that bound the River clyde.


‘A community shapes a place and a place shapes the community'

The history of Anderston and the significance of River Clyde has been forgotten and the open spaces in its proximity remain underutilized ( car parking’s). The area in the proximity of river has mainly modern iconic buildings. With various redevelopment schemes, there is a loss of traditional architecture.Thus it is very important to create a place for the community where they can connect back to the history of the place. The project aims at creating a place for community to meet, learn, share and grow.

Through ancient times, libraries have been a symbol of community learning and wellbeing. The idea of my proposal is to redefine library spaces in the Anderston for the community where they can not only enjoy educational benefits but also social well being.This would help the community to reconnect to the lost stories of the place which they are a part of. The stories will not only be told through books but also through the building infrastructure in which it is placed.

The project aims in using the building shell as a tool to propagate knowledge by using elements of traditional Glasgow architecture.This would not only help the community to understand their culture and history but also keep the history relevant for the future.