Inclusion Insurrection's KSENOfilia

I am currently finishing my second year of Masters in Architecture in Strathclyde.  Before coming to Scotland I have studied in Poland at Technical University of Lodz, with a brief exchange in Dessau International Architecture school in Germany. After completing my first degree I took a gap year for an internship at an office in Sri Lanka and travelling around Asia. I chose Strathclyde for my masters to experience a different approach to teaching architecture and expand my knowledge beyond its technical side. I was quite skillful in terms of design software and construction, however, I thoroughly enjoyed the empirical side of the craft applied in this university. Looking beyond the building’s basic function, logistics and ergonomy was a new experience that I hope to continue exploring in the future.

With my final project I took inspiration from my personal life, basing its theme around issues happening within my country. Moving to a different, more diverse country I looked at Poles’ behaviour from a new perspective and finally realised the extent of intolerance and ignorance of our nation. With my thesis I hoped to propose perhaps not a solution, but a stepping stone to change in our perception of other cultures and religions, a vision of more open and accepting Poland.