To Gather

A gathering hall for a Fife Council\University of St Andrews partnership

A multi-functional community hall with global issues embedded in its function and form

We know more about outer space than we do our oceans - this science centre exhibit space aims to be a collaborative partnership between Fife Council and the University of St. Andrews to explore our oceans - showcasing aquatic biodiversity with support from the university’s marine biology department. The space creates a journey of education, discovering our oceans but also addressing the climate crisis, pollution and future issues. Catering to all ages, the exhibit space aims to not only educate through visuals, but have an interactive element. The exhibit space wraps around the gathering hall, the user ascends and at the finale of their educational journey, they arrive at the central hall that showcases the issues of ocean sustainability through visuals - streaming of documentaries but also providing a space with a potential museum set-up that celebrates the seaside heritage of St. Andrews whilst engaging with global issues. The hall will be large and spacious and cater also to the university, where the central gathering space becomes a lecture and seminar theatre. As owners of the centre, Fife Council have the freedom to utilise the space beyond its primary exhibition functions and host public events and council cohorts, host social care activities and become an iconic community centre.