The Butcher and His Imminent Decay

Mortality of Architecture

Food is our first connection to nature. Our civilisation was built and shaped by food. However, that sparks of connection continue to dwindle since the introduction of industry. Countryside has become a food production machine to feed the rising urban population.

This project will be focusing on the relationship between human, nature and food production. The aim of this project is to incorporate a chain of food production in the city to decrease food waste, increase food knowledge and food diversity, provide food transparency and allow nature to take over unused farmland in the countryside. The main protagonist of this project is venison, suggesting a new alternative to red meat. This new type of uncommon food alternative aims to regenerate deindustrialise Glasgow, stimulating a new source of economy for the city.

However, will this solve anything? Will Glasgow’s vicious cycle of dereliction trap the regeneration project?

What will the butcher do upon his imminent decay?

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