The past year has resulted in architecture being experienced in new way. People have been spending more time indoors, and architecture has evolved to work with each persons needs. As students the lack of physical exploration of a site has been both challenging and rewarding. Experiencing a site and town virtually, rather than physically, has allowed for me to take a step back and consider things about a site differently than before. Through virtual learning it has been more difficult to create drawings by hand as they are all evolving from an image behind a screen. This year I have tried to hand draw as much as possible to get a better feel for the site and project as it could only be experienced digitally, I think this has helped me understand the smaller details of my projects that I would of otherwise missed.

Both projects this year were based in the town of St Andrews. I considered the town as a whole to be quite a sensitive site as it has a lot of history, and so I tried to honour the strong history of the town through my proposals. I analysed the existing buildings of the town with focus on those which were oldest and most significant to the site and tried to pull details that could be seen throughout these buildings into my proposal. The aim throughout was to honour the town and create a place of seclusion and sanctuary within the boundaries of a site in the centre of town.