XYZ : Unknown Events and Variables

Where will the architects be in 2050?

"... this is more of a work borne out of frustrations and worries that... what if architects will no longer be an architect? I mean if we deconstruct the job and scope of an architect, from a generalist into a series of specialists - project manager, designer, finance manager, philosopher, educator etc... that would be very collaborative in a way that we must admit and acknowledge that this could be a way for us to move forward, instead of over-glorifying or self-congratulating the architect as an absolute leader or power, yet recognizing the multi-disciplinarian knowledge."


What if architectural graduates could fit what they have learnt into coffee brewing or streetwear culture? How about mapping the cities and archiving the history of a place? Can architects collaborate with demolition company for construction materials recycling? How can the designers assist the non-profit organisations in improving community welfare? The outcomes can be archi-archaeologist, archi-biologist, archi-fashionista, archi-scientist, archi-mechanist, archi-tattoist... the combinations are infinite.


And this project yearns to be an open, hypothetical experiment on testing the synthesis of an open business model like sharing economy, and also liberate the fear of trial-and-error in challenging and mixing architectural knowledge with other sectors, especially the general public. Therefore the presented idea is a parasitic one, with a transportable, transferrable and movable architectural proposition... referring to precedent studies such as Yona Friedman and Cedric Price to emulate the essence of events and festivals to propagate the joy in the accessibility of a democratic architecture.