The Archive of Strangers

The Archive of Strangers is developed based on the research I have done in previous design studies to continue tackling the social isolation problem in Possilpark. The initial idea is to implement the phone box intervention on-site and use it to collect the thoughts from the community. As the pandemic continues, I decided to use a story to illustrate the interaction between the community and the intervention to further elaborate the needs of spaces to connect the people within the community.

In order to construct the storyline to present my design. I have take reference to the architectural graphic novels to figure out how to bring the architectural elements to the narrative of my design.

The Archive of Strangers is a series of spaces that allow the users to connect with the community individually or collectively without prejudice. It consists of 3 scales of spaces, S/M/L.

The Small scale - 'The Meeting Pot' is a space for individuals to communicate with each other in person without revealing their faces.

The Medium scale - 'The Echo Pavilion' is a space for people to perform anonymously.

The Large scale - 'The Archive of Strangers' is the community museum and archive which allows the community to exhibit their collective voice and cultural value.

These spaces create a journey that allows the users to connect with the community gradually. The existing trees are preserved to create a vegetated pathway that acts as a transitional space between the small scale spaces (The meeting pots) and the more collective spaces (The Echo pavilion & The Archive of Strangers) that refresh the users before they venture out to connect with the wider community.