Inhabitable Hong Kong 2050

The global sea rising is an inevitable urgency that Hong Kong will face. According to the UN habitat, it stated that sea rising events are expected to affect 90 percent of coastal areas before 2050. In the case of Hong Kong which is said to be a city that is at the highest risk. The thesis is a provocation and a provision to explore how to deal with flooding at different timelines to provide an inhabitable city in the future. The aim of the project is not to oppose the flood, but to adapt to it.

Hong Kong has many mountains and relatively small land. In this city with a very high population and building density, the lack of land has become a big obstacle. Therefore, under the influence of these existing problems and future floods, the development of mountains and seas is the best solution to expand the land that can be built in Hong Kong. This thesis will discuss the impact of flooding on Hong Kong macroscopically and select North Point as a study district. It aims to test the feasibility of developing cities on the mountains and the sea through different phases.