The Floating Terraformer (Technology and Innovation)

The [PH] Facility

Climate change is real and I cannot stress this enough.

Starting this year’s thesis on the brief climate urgencies, I started researching about all the climate change threats around the world, Few that caught my eyes more than others were Acid pollution and water scarcity, mainly because without water, there is no us, 1.1 billion people worldwide lack access to water, and a total of 2.7 billion find water scarce for at least one month of the year. Acid rain causes significant environmental damage all over the world, although it is most widespread in the North Eastern United States, Eastern Europe, and, to a lesser extent, portions of China, India. Middle Eastern countries etc.

To combat the acidity crisis, the project ‘the [PH] floating terraformer’ has been set out in the midst of New York City in Sheep meadow, at Central Park. the reasons for choosing this site was two folds, first the Adirondack mountains of New York, suffer from extreme acid and soil deposition, more than any place, and has a PH level of 3.4-4.0. Second, Central park is known as the lungs of New York, which is a direct metaphor for the current climate situation of the city and for my project. This, however, is the initial idea of setting the scene for the project, as a starting point of the world cleaning mission, the final aim is to build a network of terraformers around the world and clear the world from acid deposition and water scarcity problems. Hence making the planet a better place to live and grow old. 

The project’s goal is to create a system that gently removes acid and toxins from the atmosphere while emitting zero carbon in the process. The [PH] floating terraformer, as the name implies, is designed to float in the air using maglev technology. The repulsion induced by the structure’s magnetism and the earth’s magnetic field would regulate the buoyancy of the structure, causing it to migrate up to altitudes of 700m, where acidic contaminants typically congregate. The floating terraformer levitates with the help of maglev technology. The coiled molecules of graphene present on the underside of the structure in conjunction with magnetic containers, which can be further modified to absorb the magnetic energy from the earth’s field. The magnets induce an electric current in the coils, transforming them into electromagnets. This produces pushing and pulling forces that raise and levitates the facility. The floating terraformer hence floats as effortlessly as the wind in the air.

The purification center has purifier tubes that neutralize the acid with an alkaline solution formed by photosynthetic nitrogen-fixing microorganisms through biological action and finally deposit it into the purifier center. The tubes consist of a breathing fan which acts as a ventilation system for the entire process. The interflow base at the bottom of the tube purifies the water further before transporting it to the water distribution center or storage center. The tentacles attached to the bottom have rambler plants attached to it, which absorb any extra ammonia left in the neutralized water, and then distributed the water and nutrients to the plants, trees, scarce lands, people, around the world.