Re-develop the Development

Sustainability is not just about energy effciency and environmental satisfaction, but also depends on a stable and balanced community. Therefore, the development and regeneration of the community should be in part of the consideration.

The proposed site location is inside a Community Growth Area near Carmyle , Glasgow City. The Community Growth Area(CGA) are intended to address an identified short fall in housing land supply in Glasgow City, especially in family housing. The selected area for my proposal is an area of housing land supply which programmed to start construction in 2017-2024.

The development of the proposed site is following the strategy of the Glasgow City Council plan which within the CGAs, the theme of development is Resilient and empowered neighbourhoods. The focus on supporting the delivery of housing supply which was planned to meet the demands of Glasgow City's growing and diverse population.

Aging population and the increase in one-person household in the existing Carmyle community are the one of the major problem to create a social-sustainable environment. This trend is driving the community to a more isolated environment.

In the design, a housing proposal addressing the sustainable community requirements are constructed. The eight components are essiential to sustainable community development.

The redevelopment of the housing design in Carmyle is aimed to deliver a sustainable, social healthy, and secure community. Not just on the housing elements in the development, but also to facilitate and re-configure the community infrastructure.