Within these images I am presenting two of my Design Studies projects: The Coffee House and the Bath House Scheme. The Projects come together with two others to form a city-wide strategy. My city strategy focuses around the creation of a green network that runs from Bellgrove station in the

east end to the Govan docks. The aim was to reconnect areas of the city and reconnect the city with the River Clyde by rejuvenating the spaces along the river.

Images 1 and 2 are taken from the coffee house project where we were tasked with designing a small building for approximately 4 people. My aim within the design was to create a warm and comfortable environment where people feel safe to meet new people and potentially learn about different 'social circles'. The use of curves and whisper arches within the building will create a focus on looking inward and will encourage communication and interaction with each other. The Coffee houses also aim to run small programme, from art workshops, boards games, and book clubs, in the aim of creating an activity and therefore encouraging use and interaction between people. Image 1 show a hand drawn 1:20 section through the heart of the coffee house and image 2 shows a concept sketch of the building in its surroundings.

Images 3 – 9 are taken from the bath house project where we were tasked with designing a large building from approximately 4000 people. My Proposal focuses around a modified roman bathing ritual that involves Undressing, Bathing, Sweating, Massage, Relaxing, Socialising to relax and rejuvenate the public. This is shown through the buildings journey as you are led through the bathing ritual by the building. The building takes the user on a temperature journey gradually increasing in temperature with varying humidity's before bringing the user back to their natural temperature. The design aims to incorporate all five senses to immerse the user in the buildings journey. By utilising and manipulating light you are able to lead the eye through the building and create an immediate atmosphere within a space. By varying materials and textures within the building I am able to manipulate touch and temperature without having to change the room temperature. These warm and cool colours also have an effect on the building atmosphere. The Aromatherapy experience utilises the sense of smell to create relaxing and health improving spaces. The shapes used within the architecture affect the sound within the building and the use of curves throughout the building creates small areas that are not penetrated by much outside sound. Finally taste, this is utilised in the restaurant where the main social space of the building is. Image 3 shows the site plan of the design. Image 4 shows the east elevation, image 5 shows a long section through the building. Image 6 shows the south elevation along with a short section through the main spa space. Images 7 – 9 show atmospheric perspectives of the landscaped garden, the main spa pool, and a relaxation space, respectively.