An Equal Chance

Although genetics play a role in human development, the environment is found to be a stronger force, as well as being something we have the ability to change.

Within Glasgow, an inequality exists and is very prominent across neighbourhoods. The explanation for this can be traced back to some two hundred years ago when the city developed and the East End was a less desirable area to live in. The effects of this still linger today and people remain disadvantaged due to their geographical location.

This project explores creative ways to achieve equ(al)ity by empowering young people, especially those who may be at a disadvantage or at risk of offending. It provides them with the necessary security (in the form of secure housing), support (in the form of a programme) and opportunities to create new pathways and hobbies (in the form of workshop and market spaces) to allow them to grow.

The proposal activates derelict land in Parkhead as well as the community around it by bringing  back a part of what was demolished in the hope of stimulating development. There is focus on the recent importance and need for outdoor space and creating a positive street culture with the use of street art, colour and safety features.