Hub of Emotional Recovery

I am finishing my Master's degree at Strathclyde University. I have graduated from the University of Technology in Opole, Poland with eng. arch. degree in Architecture. This year's meta-theme of Urgencies allowed me to find a link between architecture and mental health. In this project, I had an opportunity to further develop one of my greatest interest, which is urban design. 

The project proposes a network of allotments connecting commonly used green areas of Glasgow (Glasgow Green, Richmond Park, Cuningar Loop) with the centre located on the opposite side of River Clyde from Richmond Park (Bridgeton). To reach more people, the project provides a network of She Sheds in various parts of the city. Smaller sheds are focused either on woodworking or sewing depending on the community’s choice. The centre provides a workshop area for woodworking, fashion and gardening. The project offers the space and tools for women to design, create and distribute their products. Moreover, it creates a place that connects like-minded people into a community that supports each other, enjoys working together, shares a laugh and has fun. 

This is a vision of a place where mental health and wellbeing is a matter of great pride to everyone around. A place that cares and supports you, where stigma against age or mental health struggles do not exist. A place that is an energy and productivity booster, an escape from day-to-day life, the struggles, emotional hardships and other difficulties that people are facing on a daily basis. The project aims to bring women together and fight with isolation, creating the space to share knowledge and skills, as isolation and loneliness have a destructive impact on people’s mental health. Deterioration of mental health through lack of social interactions is a very important issue as it influences physical health and could potentially shorten people’s lifespan. Reducing isolation is the first step to help those who struggle with mental health.