Govan Youth Community Centre

The Govan Youth Community Centre has two key functions - to act as a place for the community to gather, and to provide the youth with an interactive and socialised set of spaces that encourage physical and mental growth and stimulation.

The building caters to a local youth charity - the Govan Youth Initiative Program - where their own operational spaces are located in a dedicated section of the building for their use. This charity do exceptional work with the youth of Govan, and it was their ethos that drove the design and inspiration for the building. 

The design of the building hearkens to the ship building heritage of Govan, with an industrial-style roof in a fashion similar to the Riverside Museum across the river which it faces. The building also proudly exposes it's structural bones, using the colour of the steel as markers to signify the function of the space it frames. This is carried outside to the exterior spaces, continuing the active atmosphere of the interior spaces.